Confused with each other the lack of layering sense difference is too big, contrast is too intense tonal easy cut off split whole. When same kind of color is tie-in had better be deep, medium, shallow 3 administrative levels change, less than the collocation of 3 administrative levels appears More drab levels are okay lingerie too much easy to produce trifling, diffuse effect. If red attune gets same kind of color collocation, can be made up of skirt of cloth of rose red, camel red wool sweater, Burgundy leather plussizelingeriedresses shoes, garnet red earring reachs light makeup composition. Dress in similar colors. The so-called similar color refers to the color ring in about 90 degrees within the vicinity of the color. If red and orange yellow, orange red lingerie trade yellow green, yellow green and green, green and cyan are similar color. Dress collocation of similar color changes more, and still can get harmonious and unified whole effect, get female favour quite. Main tonal dress collocation. This color scheme can use a variety of contrasting colors, but to determine a dominant color. Advocate lubricious should agree with whole set of dress and fundamental key, advocate lubricious should occupy the area of large scale or more important position in whole set of dress. The choice of complementary color also should accord with the integral fundamental key of dress. Green fastens -- green is the representative color of nature. From last year qiu dong rises green is one of mainstream color, still popular this year, among them pink is tender and downy green is to have spring breath more, let you look like a bright sunshine. Grass green: the basic color such as tie-in cream-colored is absolutely safe, but to emphasize and the feeling of spring, the beautiful and bright color such as yellow or blue fastens also is right choice, suit the season of spring warm flower very much. There are many more. But must pay attention to, a lot of dress should choose according to oneself oneself circumstance suit, have no matter when go to busy lot ramble more, or ask the female friend beside, you find suit oneself gradually. Remember, wear on the body when must feel comfortable, otherwise just the opposite effect and dress printing color echo collocation method: the color of bag can be a color in dress printing, for example: olive green bottom, cream-colored, coffee printing dress matches coffee bag and coffee high heels. That is, wear neutral clothes with embellishings, such as camel dresses with sky-blue